Services we offer:


Patios, driveways, paths, courtyards

Types of materials:

  • block paving; natural stone (slate, sandstone, limestone, flagstones, stone sets);
  • manufactured/cast paving;
  • gravel (chippings, decorative aggregates)

Important considerations: adequate drainage; correct sub-base preparation, depth and consolidation; durable jointing material

Decking & pergolas

Bespoke structures

Types of materials:

  • hard wood; pressure-treated soft wood;
  • recycled composite plastic; anti-slip

Important considerations: joist spacing and spans to suit the load; steps, hand rails and balustrades to meet current Building Regulations

Fencing & gates

Close board, panel, post and rail, picket, trellis, steel railing, security fencing

Types of materials:

  • hard wood; pressure-treated soft wood; steel

Important considerations: depth and size of posts appropriate for use and environmental conditions


Retaining walls, boundary walls, garden buildings and features

Types of materials:

  • brick; block and render; drystone; mortared stone; softwood/hardwood sleeper

Important considerations: footings appropriate for height and use of wall; even joint spacing; capping to protect wall from weather damage


General purpose, wild flower, artificial

Important considerations: preparation – levelling, consolidating, waste removal, soil improvement; edging as necessary; aftercare

Garden buildings

Carports, summerhouses, sheds, gazebos, log stores, bespoke structures

Types of materials:

  • oak; pressure-treated softwood; block; brick; stone; tile; cedar shingle; felt; featheredge board

Important considerations: planning permission; footings/base appropriate for size and weight of building

Ponds & water features

Formal, informal, natural and contemporary ponds; water gardens; waterfalls; streams and waterways; fountains

Types of liner:

  • flexible, rigid, natural, concrete

Important considerations: location – sun and shade required for healthy plant and fish life (e.g. fallen leaves can be toxic to fish); liner to suit design, use and budget; pump and filtration; planting

Earthworks / groundworks

Site preparation; bulk excavation; terracing; footings; oversite preparation; solid and block & beam floor construction; drainage

  • Volvo EC15 mini excavator – larger earth moving equipment used depending on requirements and space available

Important considerations: site access; waste/spoil removal; ground composition


Trees and hedges; screens, pleaches and topiary; climbers and shrubs

Important considerations: location – soil type, aspect; purpose/desired effect; season